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SMS Forgotten but Still Useful?

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What is SMS?

SMS stands for short messaging service which is also known as texting/text messaging. Text marketing tends to get forgotten as part of your marketing tactics. Businesses can send texts to customers or possible new customers as a point of contact. These messages can be sent and accessed straight away allowing businesses to run specific promotions or announce new lines. 


Let’s be clear here, we are not talking about SPAM SMS but opted in, targeted SMS messaging .


Why use SMS?

Approximately 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of delivery, they also are proven to have a higher open rate compared to emails. Businesses don’t usually utilise this separate option of marketing, it shouldn’t be forgotten about, it can be hugely beneficial to businesses. It can be more cost effective compared to social media advertising such as buying Facebook Adverts because it gives you as a business, a direct contact point with the customer, which allows the customer to have a channel to contact you with and it gives you the option as the business to provide customer service


Texting also allows your business to have a global reach, social media has become more and more localised which is good for smaller businesses but for businesses which are trying to expand possibly nationally or internationally Text marketing can be a good source of reaching new customers. Both sources of marketing are viable for any business, even both in conjunction with each other can be really effective as a marketing campaign. In more recent times, Text marketing has become less and less utilised. 


A great example of utilising SMS would be to imagine you run a beauty salon and you ask customers and potential customers to sign up to an SMS service by texting BEAUTY to 60777. You can then create an opted in list of numbers to SMS at short notice, so for example if you had a treatment cancellation and you wanted to fill the slot.


SMS is a really cost effective way of engaging with your audience on a local or national level. – get in touch if you want to find out how our SMS service can benefit your business.


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