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The Importance of Reviews For Your Business.

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How often do you read reviews for a restaurant online? All the time? So why wouldn’t you read them for a business’s website? 

Both circumstances are the same. When purchasing anything online you want to make sure the seller or service provider is reputable. One of the main ways you can check this is the reviews of the website and provider. Once you’ve read these accounts by customers you can make your own judgement on the business you are enquiring about. For example if a price seems too good to be true, you’ll always check the feedback for the website. They can give you a general idea if the business is trustworthy or not. It’s estimated around 90% of customers read feedback comments before visiting a business. 

From a business owners point of view, they are almost as important as the sale themselves. Having a huge catalogue of positive customer feedback can give your business more credibility which may lead to more sales in the future. Customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews. 

At Sharpmonkeys we are partnered with They are a Google licensed review partner, who are trusted with authentic customer feedback. You can get organic stars and seller ratings in Google and Bing. At Sharpmonkeys we can help set up your Reviews which could boost your business up the results page with a good Google review rating.

We can also help you garner reviews for Google , which will have a positive effect on your SEO and frequency of being found in local searches and on Google Maps.

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