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Trick or Treat ?

Heeeeeeeeeeres Johnny! 

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and Halloween is fast approaching. Be afraid, be very afraid  – of not getting on top of your digital marketing. Let the power of Christ compel you (to look at your website , social media and SEO). 

Don’t get the Tommy-knockers or collywobbles, put a silver bullet in your gun, pick up your crucifix, torch and garlic and follow me into the graveyard that you once called your digital marketing strategy.

I see dead people (well dead websites actually, its a curse).

First stop, gravestone number one, it’s a bit dusty and covered in cobwebs but it’s your website. Wipe off the spiders and have a read of the epitaph…

“Here lieth the website of company x, bought into this world to create leads, build relationships and showcase the business. Died approximately two months after it was created. Due to lack of love, care and attention.”

Do you remember the early days when you had the website built? It was all very exciting, new ideas, new approach, bought into this world with nothing but good intentions –  Its alive!

But that soon wore off. You got caught up in the daily grind, paying the bills, doing the “business” , firefighting, finding customers, dealing with customers, finding suppliers, having a worldwide pandemic, changing working procedures, changing staff, arguing with the accountant  – you know, normal business day to day life. Little by little, your website got left to fend for itself. Ignored. In fact, sometimes shouted at as it was costing you money. Slowly but surely, you killed it, you gave it no nourishment, showed it no love.

But I can help you bring it back to life – your website needs to be fed. Do you know what it likes? I’ll tell you; new , fresh content, news, updates, edits, a little bit of tweaking. Open up the coffin lid and look inside, that’s right, you have Google Analytics. The little beating heart of your website. Tells you everything, only if you know where to look. You can find out what your visitors have been doing, where they come from, how they found you, how long they spend on each page, what device they are using. In fact, with a little open heart surgery we can make your website sing once we know its little dark analytics secrets. Think about it,  when was the last time you looked at your website through your customers eyes and had a serious look at the content, the news and layout. Before we put a stake through its heart, lets strap on the old electric nodes and give it a jump start, we call it a web audit.

Now go past the crypt door, whatever you do, don’t look in , you just might see the ghosts of Friends Reunited, dial-up internet, crazy frog ringtones, AOL and MySpace.

We definitely don’t want to disturb any of them.

Inside that crumbling , damp mausoleum covered in ivy lies your family of social media platforms. You once courted Pinterest, flirted with Instagram and danced in the moonlight with Facebook. Now, like the brides of Dracula, they are kept in limbo, neither alive or dead and condemned to walk the earth forever with zombie followers who have no interest and who blindly stumble about groaning on your Facebook wall. Once in a while when a full moon is out you might morph into a magnificent LinkedIn beast. It doesn’t last long though. The moons crescent arcs and you go back to your day to day routine.  

Do you think we should put some of them out of their misery? Social media is a must for any business but maybe nurturing one platform with good, engaging content regularly is better than leaving five or six platforms in the wilderness. 

The best social media platform to be on? Wherever your customers are! (and no doubt doing the Monster Mash). Like vampires, social media platforms need a regular infusion of fresh blood, lucky for you that doesn’t mean slaughtering any virgins (we are not talking about Twitch here) but nourishing content updates. I call it creating a content marketing plan.

Out of the mausoleum, sneaking by that creepy clown that is standing with a red balloon on a piece of string, trying to get you to go on a breakfast networking meeting with the undead. You come to a clearing and there is a little tricycle sitting there with a message on it.

“Do you want to play a game?”

The worst game of all, SEO. Loads of bloodthirsty leeches waiting to suck you dry and confuse you at all costs. If you play the game with me, I can help you with the rules, no cheating and get your website working in the search engines, destroying the ne’er do wells and myths as we go, holding the mirror up to them so they can’t see their reflections, just think of me like a Google Van Helsing (without the hat). I call it an SEO review.

The image header on this post is me as Beetlejuice, lucky for you though you don’t have to summon me by saying my name three times, but you can contact me here. 

We can have a chat and see about bringing your digital marketing strategy out of the Twilight Zone and our prices shouldn’t put the willies up you either.

It is up to you though……..trick or treat………Mwahahaha!