3 Key Digital Strategies for 2016


Today we’re sharing some of the digital strategy trends that are expected to grow in popularity during 2016, according to employees and business managers.


Customer-centricity was chosen as one of the key theme for digital strategy by business leaders across a selection of global markets.  Being customer-centric is considered to be the most important characteristic for creating a digital native culture, above data driven, innovative and collaborative.

Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing has proven to have a beneficial impact on revenue, yet many businesses are failing to market to customers through the entire lifecycle steps as shown below:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Retention
  • Advocacy

Research carried out by Demand Metric, discovered that 54% of businesses state that the get their revenue from existing customers and 72% of businesses that do conduct lifetime marketing said it positively impacted revenue, yet only 20% of the businesses questioned were marketing at all phases of the lifecycle.

Speed to Market

Marketers want to speed up their response times and become more ‘in the moment’ in 2016. Marketers looking to be in the moment will be able to offer something different to their customers and engage with them in new ways. In order to respond quickly, businesses will need to have a presence across multiple channels and understand how to make the best use of each of the channels. The most popular kind of content that is being used to leverage campaigns with ‘in the moment marketing’ is relating to TV shows and sporting events.

2016 will prove to be a busy marketing year. Involving marketing for the entire lifecycle to existing customers, choosing to adapt and leverage in the moment marketing opportunities and being personable with customers in order to develop long term relationships. Need help developing and/or implementing digital strategies for your business? Call us on 01905 27007 to ask us about our digital marketing services.