Simple Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing

When it comes to email marketing, it’s a great idea to learn best practices rather than putting all your energy into hacks and tricks. Don’t get us wrong, hacks and tricks can be beneficial, but you need to apply them to email marketing campaigns with a solid foundation.  Before you begin experimenting check to see if you’re using the following tips.

Create a Solid Design

You want your subscribers to have an easy and enjoyable experience while they read your email. The only way to achieve this is by creating an email template that looks attractive but is also simple to navigate.  Here are the very basic components you will need to incorporate into your design:

  • Include contact information and your social media links
  • Add social sharing buttons
  • Use buttons or different text and colourings for your call to actions to separate them from the other content
  • Include images in your emails but don’t make the entire email an image
  • All titles should be in bold
  • Include unsubscribe links
  • Use short paragraphs and don’t have too much content – keep it short, snappy and compelling

Organise Your Mailing Lists

You probably have subscribers coming from various sources – your social media followers, customers, readers of your blog, browsers and so on. Therefore, you will need to spend time ensuring each new subscriber is placed in the right email list for their needs. By segmenting your subscribers you’ll reduce the amount of unsubscribers, increase your click-through rates and conversions along with customer loyalty.  If you have an unorganised mailing list we recommend sending out a questionnaire to all your subscribers to learn more about them and their interests.

A/B Split Testing

The best way of finding out which emails work best for you and your customers is by using A/B Split testing.  There are lots of different tests that you can perform and here are 8 that we suggest starting with:

  1. The number of columns you use
  2. Different image sizes
  3. Length of copy
  4. Call to action wording
  5. Call to action positioning
  6. Call to action design
  7. Time of release
  8. Discount code

These three basic tips will help you to create solid email marketing campaigns. Need help with digital marketing for business? Contact us to learn more.