4 Ways to Prepare for Voice Search

voice search seo tips

You’re missing a trick if you’ve been putting off adjusting your SEO strategies for voice. Voice assistants and voice search continues to rise, and the technology improves constantly. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with gadgets such as Alexa and Google Home. They’re happy to use Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby (to a lesser extent) on their Smartphones. Voice search saves time, it’ doesn’t require much effort by the user and the results are delivered quickly with no need to rifle through the search engines.

Voice search is a thing, it’s a very good thing and small businesses need to start working it into their SEO strategies to avoid being left behind. It’s time to think how your services or products will be searched for conversationally. It’s time to think about the questions your customers will be asking and supply the answers they need.

Improve Your Website for Voice Search

The content on your website needs optimising for voice and work on your SEO to get your site on top of the search engine results pages.

  • The search term needs to be included in the page title.
  • Answers need to be created to the questions being asked. Create answers relating to your services or products that respond to ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘is’ ‘where’ and so on.
  • The answers need to provide information that is useful but also objective.
  • Create direct answers that don’t include how your company approaches things, just answer the question.

Give Your Business a Voice

Optimise the content on your site to make it compatible with voice search. When asking for information, listeners don’t want to have 1000 words read at them, they want concise information that answers the question quickly and correctly.

Think about the journey your customers go on before purchasing your services or products. Answer all those small questions that are frequently asked, provide answers to problems that cause your customers to come to your website and supply them with value. Don’t be afraid of expressing the personality of the business for voice search. Voice is a lot less rigid than traditional search, it’s relaxed and conversational, there’s also more emotion involved.

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