3 Inbound Marketing Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website

inbound marketing Failing to achieve the amount of traffic you want to your website? Never fear, there are three basic steps to take that will see numbers increase. These steps won’t give you instant results, but they will begin working and ensure visitor numbers continue to rise.

Content Matters

Content needs to appeal to your audience and make them want to click onto your website and absorb the information. Think about the type of content your audience wants or needs to read. Try and share information in new and fresh ways. Vary the type of content you’re sharing to provide interesting pieces for all your buyer personas. Keep it informative, accurate and true to the voice of your brand. Don’t forget to create relevant links to products or services on the pages of your content. Consider where the visitor is on the buying journey and link to other pages that will take them closer towards converting.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

All businesses want their website to appear at the top of the organic search results. This is where the most clicks are obtained. Investing in SEO is essential, but you can go a long way without a massive budget. There are many different aspects of SEO, speak to a SEO professional to discuss the right methods and strategies to use for your unique business. The basic techniques to use include optimising your website, keyword research and link building. Within time, your business will show up at the top of the SERPS when the user types in the relevant keyword.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is worth the investment of time and money as it is beneficial to be active on at least one of the huge social networks. Start working on building your community, gathering our audience and providing information and content that your audience will engage with. Maintain a regular presence by sharing your own content and the content of other influencers.

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