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Calls to Action Highlighted in New Bing Ads Action Extension

Bing Ads has a useful new ad extension designed to increase exposure of calls to actions in advertisements on the search engine. Action extensions are available in the UK and the rest of the world and they can be used on both desktop and mobile. This latest update will be useful if you use Bing Ads or if you’re considering using them as part of your digital marketing strategy.

The call to action extension is currently only available from Bing as it’s not a current feature of Google at this point. The idea seems to come from the highlighted calls to action that have been available on social media for some time now. The aim is to make it easier to act on the ad without having to do much other than click. You may wish to test out the new extension and compare conversion rates against ads that don’t have this feature available.

Setting Up Action Extensions on Bing

Action extensions can be added via three levels; the account, campaign or ad group. There is a limitation of 20 action extensions for each of the levels with the lowest level being the priority.  The extensions are supported in the bulk account tool, the bulk API, campaign management service API provided by Bing Ads and the UI. When setting up the ads extension you have the option to decide what URL you wish to use as the call to action. You can leave it blank and if you do so Bing Ads will use the current URL used in the ad or the keyword level URL as the landing page for the action extension. It is worth noting that the cost per click is charged at the same rate as the headline click.

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