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Digital Marketing Stats for November 2018

The most interesting Digital Marketing stats as shared on Econsultancy.

Caution Still Surrounds Voice Search

Yext has released data compiled from a recent voice search survey. Out of 2000 consumers (UK), 70% said that they were not using voice search alone. Instead, the respondents said they were cross-checking information on other devices such as mobile phones and desktop. Interestingly, 35% of respondents found that the information they were provided regarding opening times via voice search was incorrect. Furthermore, 21% of respondents said that the location information provided was wrong and 26% said the contact information was incorrect.

This is very interesting data and should be used as a reminder for all businesses to ensure the information they submit online is kept updated. We recommend taking some time out to check opening times, contact information and any other details are correct to avoid missing out on potential sales and resulting in disappointed customers.

Brands Failing to Meet Standards

1000 UK consumers and 100 UK senior marketers where surveyed by Acquia. The results showed a massive gap in what marketers believe and what consumers think about experiences. 87% of the marketers questioned felt they were meeting the standards expected by consumers. A stark contrast to the 53% of consumers are not having their standards met by the brands they choose to use.

Post Purchase Experience Influences Next Buy Decisions

86% of 2000 UK Consumers questioned said that the post-purchase experience provided by a business is the main influence of the decision to buy from them again. Narvar reports that the experience is more important than offering discounts when it comes to building loyalty. Getting customers to buy from a business for the second time depends on the experience, which includes:

  • Updated delivery information including information regarding delays
  • Offering choices such as delivery options and delivery dates and communication channels

60% of consumers said they prefer it when the brands they buy from communicating directly after a purchase has been made. Offering options regarding the communication channels is also preferred.

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