90% of Businesses Will No Longer Be Competitive By 2020 and Other Digital Marketing Stats

Digital Marketing StatsLet’s take a look at some of the latest digital marketing stats. According to a new report by Infomentum, nine out of 10 employees believe their businesses will no longer be competitive by 2020 if they continue using their format and fail to update. That’s quite a shocking statement. The other findings of the report are also of interest:

  • 37% of employees expect to be able to work from home
  • 61% think automation will have impacted their jobs by 2020
  • 50% say that businesses have to invest in new technology if they want to keep up with the competition

Customer Experience

Optimising customer experience came out on top when respondents were asked ‘Which one area is the single most exciting opportunity for your organisation in 2016?’ The Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector report delivered the following responses to this question:

  • Optimising customer experience – 29%
  • Data driven marketing focusing on individuals – 20%
  • Cross-channel marketing – 11%
  • Reaching and understanding mobile consumers – 8%
  • Using marketing automation – 6%
  • Social media marketing – 5%
  • Internet of Things – 4%
  • Location based services – 4%
  • Increasing brand engagement with video -2%
  • None of the above -1%

A new Experian infographic also highlighted the focus being placed on customer data, with more than four-fifths of businesses seeing data as an integral part of their business strategy. They also believe that accurate customer data could help to increase their sales by 29%.

Dealing with the deluge humanising you data strategy

UK & Going Local

More interest findings this week include data collected by Oban Digital. They discovered that UK web users are similar to those in Japan and France. Local pages are considered to be more trustworthy than global pages and they like to use websites that provide lots of product information on the pages.

Marketers Driving It Purchase Decisions

Finally, a new study by Squiz showed that two thirds of marketers are now responsible for the decisions on what marketing software should be purchased. The study also revealed that

  • 83% of the respondents use a CMS platform
  • 77% use an analytic platform
  • 62% use a CRM platform.

Interesting stuff. So what do you think about this week’s digital marketing stats? Come and tell us over on Twitter.