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Digital Marketing Stats for September

Apple Is an Indispensable Brand?

An interesting report has been released by Prophet. The Brand Relevance Index is the ranking of all the most relevant brands in consumers’ lives today. Over 11,000 UK consumers were surveyed and asked about 240 brands. The top three brands might surprise you, they might not:

  1. Apple (top for the third year running)
  2. Lego (rising from fourth place)
  3. PlayStation (a huge jump from ninth into the top 3)

There were a couple of new entries into the top 10, the NHS and FitBit. Those that dropped out of the top 10 include Lush and Dyson.  The Brand Relevance Index is worth mulling over. This year’s report shows that the most influential and relevant brands are those with conviction and power of purpose. EConsultancy also mentioned that Spotify and Netflix were also dominating thanks to their use of data, providing relevant and personalised experiences.

Event Marketing Investment

Splash reports that event marketing is being invested in by many of the fastest growing companies. These companies are enjoying the opportunities that can be enjoyed with event marketing. The companies using this strategy are generally those who have experienced revenue growth by at least 30% in the past couple of years.

Poorly Planned Digital Strategies

Calabrio research revealed that many businesses in the UK are failing to create a well-researched and solid digital strategy for digital self-service. These are the digital services that customers are expecting such as online chat or contacting customer services via text and so on. It seems that although 93% of the marketing and customer experience leaders believed digital self-service is important, only 45% find them to be effective. The reason for this is bad strategies but also a lack of training and a lack of budget.

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