Domain Authority isn’t a Google Metric

We reported on the new domain authority update that Moz launched last week. The DA is a useful metric that marketers, businesses, bloggers and influencers can use to evaluate their website and their competition. Domain authority is also a great indicator of how well your content is performing and how it may perform in the search engines. It is important to know that the DA of your website has nothing to do with Google itself.

Google Isn’t Influenced by Your DA

Google doesn’t use DA as a ranking metric. It doesn’t have anything to do with Google at all and your score will not directly positively or negatively impact your rank. All DA is a metric that is designed by MOZ to be used as one of many tools for search engine optimisation. Moz makes this very clear, but some SEO agencies and professionals can get confused with DA and Google’s ranking metrics. We would like to remind you that upping your DA will not have any influence on how Google ranks your rank.

Improving your DA score is beneficial. It’s a great way of improving your content, ensuring any links your build is valuable, relevant and worthwhile and can indicate when your content needs improvement. Furthermore, it’s an excellent comparison tool to use to monitor your competitors.

Do not obsess over your DA score and don’t panic if you took a drop in the recent update. See how your competitors are scoring and use this as an opportunity to audit your digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Check your backlinks and continue to monitor the other metrics and use the SEO tools to benefit your website.

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