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Email Marketing Copywriting Tips


Improve your email marketing campaigns with these simple copywriting tips. You don’t need to be a pro to grab the attention of your customers.

  1. The entire email should be scanner friendly. Eyes travel rapidly over information – create subheadings that will attract the attention of the eye and encourage the users to continue to absorb the information in greater detail. Use subheadings that are persuasive, personalise the content of the email and draw attention to your main offers or promotions.
  2. Personalise emails, but not only with the use of the individuals’ name. Personalise the content based on their order or browsing history on your website.
  3. Write emails that are referencing real-time themes as another way of personalising the experience for the user.
  4. Know your audience. Create customer personas and separate the email campaigns to match with each of the main personas you can come up with. The personas should include the key traits of the customer, what they like, their traits and dreams along with the way they react.
  5. Don’t be afraid of being casual in your emails. Help your customers relate to you by ‘being real’. Save the stuffy jargon for the investors, customers want friendly, genuine and conversational content. Don’t sound like a brand, sound like the humans behind the brand. Show off your personality!
  6. Have an attractive layout that works beautifully on desktop and mobile. Format the content to help with scanning and enhance the key points.

Write the email and edit the drafts with fresh eyes. You’ll be amazed how much content can be cut to help deliver a concise message that gets results. Show personality but don’t drag out the message.