3 Tips on How to Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog

Increase traffic to your business blogOne of the most effective ways of getting visitors to your business blog is by using Google. Optimising your website for Google is a must. However, Google search shouldn’t be your only focus. One of the main reasons why it’s worth working on increasing traffic outside Google search is because of the Penguin 4.0 and other algorithm updates. Penguin 4.0 runs in real time, it’s constantly working and updating. If your website falls foul of Penguin, your search results will be affected resulting in lost traffic. Therefore, it’s useful to have other sources of traffic to fall back on until you’ve made changes to please Google.

Influence Marketing

Make use of influencers by collaborating together. Identify the influencers your audiences watch, read and respect and build yourself a database. Find bloggers, public speakers and YouTubers who have influence over your specific target market to work with on your campaigns.  You could swap blog posts, ask them to create sponsored content and reviews, focus on social media outreach or interview them on your channels.

Email Marketing

Build your own traffic by putting energy into your email marketing. Build your email list and turn your current customers and visitors to your blog into regular visitors. Create content that attracts readers and convert them into subscribers. The content should be of value to visitors and make them want to stay in touch with you. Create different forms of content that should include Infographics, videos, and podcasts.  The varied content will attract wider audiences and will help to stop your content from becoming repetitive and boring.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social networks. You can gain traffic from this social network and others including Twitter and Pinterest by including social media in your marketing strategies. Facebook advertising is an excellent way of reaching your audience and attracting clicks through to your business blog.  Use carousel ads to promote your most popular evergreen blogs. Ensure you have engaging and interesting images for each of the posts you include in the carousel.

All of these tactics will fall flat if your website isn’t designed to convert visitors into leads. The website must be easy to navigate and the calls to action must be clearly visible and easy to understand and use. A/B testing is a must to help you improve your landing pages and understand what works and what doesn’t quite make the grade.

Speak to us about A/B testing for your website.