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How to Get Decent Reviews from Your Customers


Five-star reviews can really benefit your business. Consumers are using the Internet to research brands and businesses to ensure they are spending their money wisely. They care about other people’s experiences and want to receive top notch customer experience themselves. Reviews give an insight into the service provided.

Consumers want to know if previous customers have been served on time, with a smile, or treated unfairly. They want to see that complaints are handled with care.  Therefore, even negative reviews can be useful – it’s not the review that counts here, it’s the response!

Collecting 5 Star Reviews

Obviously, it’s important to provide an excellent service – know what the customers expect and deliver. Many businesses can smash the obvious, but still fail to build up a collection of reviews. We’re here to help you obtain reviews with the following tips.

Reach Out to Your Most Loyal Consumers

You may have friends who are your customers or clients who have become friends. These are the first group to target as they should be more than happy to help you out. Ask your friends, they will provide perhaps some of the best reviews possible.

Speak to Successful Accounts

You may have accounts that have experienced the very best service from your business. Perhaps they were thrilled with the service and were happy to let you know. Now is the time to get on the phone or send them a personal email to request a quick review. Make it easy, leave links to where you want the reviews and follow up in a weeks’ time if the review hasn’t been completed.

Ask Everyone Else Too

You need to ask people to go that extra mile and complete a review for you. Without pushing they probably won’t go to the bother of writing any kind of testimonial or clicking on the stars to give their input. Asking is a necessity, don’t be shy. Use your social accounts, your email marketing and printed marketing materials too. Don’t forget to train your staff to request reviews too.

Once you begin collecting reviews you can start using them to attract more business. Add a great quote at the end of your emails, or your marketing materials, even on your business card. Share your favourite reviews across your social channels and make them easy to view on your website.