Interesting Digital Marketing Stats to Kick Off 2018

digital marketing stats 2018

Let’s take a moment to look at 3 of the most interesting digital marketing stats that have been discovered at the start of 2018.

Domain Level Link Authority

The number 1 SEO ranking factor is domain level link authority. This information has come from Branded3, after updating the 2015 Ranking Factors study that reveals what SEO factors are more significant than they once were. The study is a collaboration with international businesses and the SEO team at Branded3. The results reveal that the domain level link authority features are the most important Google ranking factors. Other crucial factors include page level keywords, content based metrics and long click metrics.

Most Consumers Don’t Intend to Buy When Visiting Ecommerce Websites

A recent report from Episever revealed that 92% of consumers don’t intend to buy when they visit an ecommerce site. The Reimagining Report suggests that brands are not paying attention to the true intent of the consumer and that all the focus of the website is being focused on first-time conversions. In order to capture later sales, brands need to improve the customer experience ensuring the website is well designed for quality navigation, shopping and checkout experiences. Accurate content is also required as the report showed that 45% of consumers visit to conduct research and 26% are there to simply compare prices.

QR Codes Expected to Skyrocket

Brands are predicted to start making better use of QR technology, that has been around for years. The popularity explosion is expected due to the integration of a QR reader into iOS 11. By 2022, more than 1 billion mobile devices will be accessing coupons via QR codes, according to Juniper Research.  Brands are going to use QR codes to improve customer loyalty and to improve customer engagement while in stores.

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