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Make Your Email List Work for You this Christmas

Email is one of the best marketing channels that work to increase revenue. After the whole GDPR introduction, many email lists have been left a little depleted. It’s time to shake things up a bit and give your email lists a bit of a spruce up before the huge Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas push begins.

Gain New Subscribers with Transparency

Before you do anything, make sure all the lists you use are compliant with GDPR. Check how you obtained the email addresses and ensure you have permission to use them from everyone on the list. If you prepared fully for GDPR this should have all been taken care of, or you’re at high risk of receiving massive fines. We’re going to go ahead and assume you’re GDPR compliant and that all future email signups will be obtained correctly.

Consumers expect transparency and you should be fully transparent when it comes to growing your email list. Give your subscribers information about what they will be receiving from you when they sign up. Let them know the benefits that they’ll be gaining, such as promotional offers, discounts, early access or any other positives that come with handing over their valuable data. Be sure to follow the GDPR ensuring the information is easy to understand, so no one is left confused about what they’re subscribing to.

Add Sign Up Opportunities to Transactional Emails

Make use of transactional emails to grow the size of your email list. Transactional emails are the ones that include customer order confirmation, invoices, receipts, shipping information and so on. These emails do need to provide the information they’re intended for, but you can also add a link to your email list. Sign ups can be encouraged by sweetening the deal such as offering a discount on the next order. While revamping your email, ensure all the social media links are included and up to date.

Grow Using Social Media

Social media can also be used to increase the size of your email list. Create attractive images or banners and encourage sign-ups by sharing the benefits. You may have many social followers that are yet to sign up, this could be a winning formula for you.

Start working on increasing your lists in time for the upcoming holiday season. A healthy list could result in a massive drive in revenue. Looking for help with your marketing strategies? Call us on 01905 27007, or email and we’ll be in touch.