Do you need Professional Marketing Qualifications?

We are digital marketing agency, specialising in digital marketing strategy. Sometimes we are at the edge of our knowledge with the campaigns that we build. Sometimes the client asks for campaigns that we don’t think are going to work. We find it incredibly useful to look at campaigns from a pure marketing view, even if the channel we are using is digital.

There are many digital agencies and digital marketing consultants who give out bad advice and many that give out good advice. We find that when we engage with a new customer they have been touched somehow by an agency already and they may have been told a myriad of things.

SEO doesn’t work, SMS is old hat, augmented reality is just a gimmick – some examples , we’ve also had clients who really have been left confused by their agency – they don’t understand the terminology, the technology or how to measure results.

At Sharpmonkeys we base everything on sound marketing principles, really going back to basics – the right product, at the right price, in the right place and promoted in the right way. The 4p’s – ok we might extend it a bit for the digital age – the 8 p’s work for us. But the fact is, there is a model to base sound marketing on.

I have been pleasantly surprised in the last two weeks – I have been lucky enough to be involved in two high level strategic meetings with client companies. The basic models used in these meetings were SWOT and AIDA. Lovely, back to basics marketing stuff.

So, do you need professional marketing qualifications to get ahead and provide a good service in this digital age? I think you do – even if you learn the basic principles – technology is the enabler, don’t get blinded by science or smoke and mirrors.

Book a marketing course or take a series of marketing courses – through our partner Professional Academy. We have a 100% pass rate – how can you say no?

If you really want your career in digital to soar – look at the diploma in digital marketing – I know how good it is, I teach it!