PPC Developments in 2017

PPC Pay Per Click News

Let’s take a look at some of the major trends that have come to pass during the past 7 months in pay-per-click advertising.

Machine Learning Continues to Grow

Machine Learning is already behind the evolution of search marketing.  The campaigns are using machine learning to automate actions, as seen in Google’s smart display campaigns. Additionally, Google announced that it was working to ignore the order of words and either ignore or add function words in exact keyword matches.


Adverts have experienced multiple changes during 2017, which include but aren’t limited to:

  • Dynamic search ads now have supported expanded text ads and page feeds. There are more characters available in the description area and headlines are created dynamically.
  • Google began testing a second description line in expanded text ads.
  • Call ads had numerous changes such as call extensions can be set at the account level. There are new reporting features for phone impressions and the calls available at ad and keyword levels.
  • Price extensions were launched, displayed as a carousel on mobile that can be swiped.
  • Automated call extensions continue to be tested with more advertisers given the chance to try the beta. Google can pull the number up for the ad from the contact information on the website if the call extension hasn’t been set up.

Google introduced the historical quality score data via AdWords and the UI is being worked on to allow for bid suggestions to be shown for different page positions.  Furthermore, many users now have access to AdWords Next, the new interface. Google Next will be rolled out fully by the end of 2017.

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting continues to be an area that Google is working to improve. Similar audiences and in-market audiences were launched in AdWords this year.

Bing Ads Made Some Changes Too

Bing Ads have changed too. Bing now includes search query reports and inventory feeds at the product level. They also introduced Merchant Promotions for Shopping Campaigns this year for the US. Merchant Promotions for Shopping Campaigns allows the merchant to highlight any special offers they might have in their ads.  Bing Ads launched the expanded device targeting feature. The feature makes it possible for advertisers to set up campaigns for mobile only.  Another welcomed addition to Bing Ads is the addition of creating exclude lists for retargeting campaigns.

It’s been a busy year for PPC and the developments continue to be refined and introduced. Keep your eyes on the happenings to make sure you’re ahead of the PPC game.  Contact us to learn about our PPC services or details on digital marketing training for you or your team.