Google De-Indexing Wix Websites – Is it Time to Upgrade?

Google is having a problem with websites that are powered by Wix. It appears that the Wix websites have been dropped out of the Google Index so those websites cannot be found in Google Search, something that can have devastating effects on businesses.

Wix is an easy to use online tool that’s used to build websites. It’s designed for those with little to no website building experience and so it has proved to be popular with small business owners who are hoping to save money. However, users have probably noticed that the amount of traffic visiting their Wix website has decreased, and if they haven’t already, they will do soon until Google fixes the serious error.

Over the past two weeks, Google Webmaster forums have been inundated with people seeking help and answers after discovering their website has vanished from the index. If you’re website is powered by Wix, it’s a good idea to start looking to see if your site has been affected. Check your traffic levels and see if there has been a sudden drop in visits from Google Search. Perform your own Google search to see if you can find your website and check to see if there’s a decline in the index counts with Google Search Console. Google has said that they are working to index all the websites, but there is no indication of how long this will take.

Is Wix Really Right for You?

While Google is working to fix this particular problem, Wix based websites are still losing business each day they’re not in the index. Wix has limitations as it is designed to be used by those who don’t have the knowledge or the budget to develop a website from scratch, but that doesn’t make it a sensible long term solution. A website built on a single platform such as Wix is a limited website. It is impossible to fully personalise the website and have the amount of control you may require for your business. For increased flexibility, improved professionalism and greater control, it’s a good idea to have your own website and we can help you make it happen.

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