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Upgrade Your Marketing with Digital Marketing Training

Looking to improve the marketing skills of your employees? Many small businesses begin working on SEO and digital marketing by outsourcing to SEO providers, certainly many of our clients come to us without a team of marketers or even a single marketing professional on the team. However, over time after seeing the benefits for themselves, smaller businesses begin to grow and naturally desire in-house expertise. This is where digital marketing courses provide their value.

Expertise in Marketing

In this digital age, marketers are required to have many skills, from copywriting to digital media and analytics. Sending yourself or any of your employees to University to learn such skills is a massive expense in time and money. Thankfully, digital marketing training is a far more effective and faster solution, and a whole lot more affordable too.

Enrol on a Digital Marketing Course

We provide digital training for accredited diploma qualifications. Having a qualification is excellent for CVs, but the best thing about our training is that it’s actionable from the word go. The course is delivered by digital marketing professionals that are required to stay up to date in the ever-changing world of marketing. Working in tandem with Professional Academy, the in-house and public courses we provide are:

  • CIM Marketing Qualifications
  • DMI Digital Marketing Qualifications

Additionally, there are multiple bespoke courses available so the training can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. From beginners to more experienced marketers slightly behind with the latest techniques and technology, everyone can be catered for in any location in the UK. The bespoke courses can cover basics lasting just a few hours, to more in-depth knowledge spreading over a few days.

We offer social media, PPC, introduction to digital marketing, strategies, SEO and board level intro to digital marketing to ensure you’re able to make informed decisions. Get in touch to discuss your training requirements and let’s build the right training course for your business and budget.

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