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Pokémon Go Summer Events Incoming

Pokémon Go is still thriving offering players plenty of events and along with regular research to keep them occupied. Last week, the Pokémon Go Summer Events 2019 line-up was announced by Niantic and while it’s good news for some, it still leaves many players out of the loop.

Pokémon Go Fest is coming to three cities and there will be additional Safari Zones in the build-up to the summer fun. The first date for Pokémon Go Fest is June 12-16, held in Chicago, Illinois. The second date is the closest to the UK, held in Dortmund, Germany on July 4-7. The final Pokémon Go Fest is yet to be announced, but Niantic has said it will be held late summer, somewhere in Asia.

Limited Access to the Festivals

If attending the festival is an impossibility (and it will be for many players) there will be several Safari Zones set up during the second half of 2019. Last year there were four Safari Zones set up and a total of 12 Community Day events. The Community Days continue to happen each month, but again the time limitations make it hard for everyone to get involved, especially those that work during the 3 hours that the event is live.

Players hope that Niantic will expand on the number of Safari Zones during 2019. Currently, all dates and locations are being kept secret. However, the Community Day dates during the summer as May 19, June 8, July 21 and August 3 and take place between 9 am and 12 noon on those dates in the UK and Europe.

Niantic and Pokémon Go continue to neglect rural players but also other players around the world by making huge limitations regarding Pokémon GO Fest. Hopefully, in time each country will be able to take part and perhaps even several cities in each country, to help all players enjoy the same experiences as their peers.

Niantic has made $2.5 billion from Pokémon Go, with the average daily revenue standing at $4 million (as of March 2019). It remains a hugely popular mobile game with dedicated users of all ages.