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Extra Features Added to Google Search Console

The brand-new Google Search Console is officially out of beta. The open beta has been tested for a year and during that time Google has been moving features from the old over to the new while extending the invite to try the console to all users. Beta has now been removed and it is now the full version, with a few new features added to the console. So, what’s new?

Manual Actions

One of the new additions is the manual actions option which is found in the Google Search Console sidebar. Manual actions are available in the old and new version so you can check it out even if you haven’t made the move over to the new.

Real-Time Testing in Google Search Console

Another interesting section is the Live Test. This is a URL inspection tool, and this is used to live test against your live URL. The live test uses the current URL and doesn’t daw on the last indexed URL, this real-time tool will provide more accuracy during your testing. Use the live test to fix problems with your page and debug the page. You can also use it to discover if past issues have been fixed. Once you’re happy with any changes you can then click a button and Google will recrawl over the page and index it accordingly.

Still More to Come

The Search Engine Console might be out of beta, but it’s not in its finished state (and it will probably continue to evolve). The original version of the Search Engine Console does have features that aren’t available on the new versions. However, Google believes that most of the common use cases are now improved and supported in the new console. They have also confirmed that new tools will be added in time, offering more reports and new capabilities. Currently, the old reports are available in the new console, but these will be removed in due course.