Top 5 Digital Marketing Stats

Here we are again, our weekly top 5 digital marketing stats.

42% now bank on mobile, yet banks are still failing to advertise to the majority audience

BuzzCity have revealed a reported 60% increase of people using mobile devices to bank online. As well as this, 42% of all mobile users now regularly make payments through mobile devices.

Although mobile payments have overtaken the use of credit and debit cards globally, one in ten don’t believe their banks offer the facilities to bank online.

Although nearly all banks now offer mobile banking services, marketing efforts to communicate to their customers remain traditional, with TV cited as the most used medium for promotions (42%).

Consumer spending on mobile to top £53 billion by 2024

New research from Barclays looks at the rapidly evolving field of m-commerce:

  • UK Consumers to spend £53.6bn a year using their smartphones and tablets by 2024.
  • Mobile’s real influence on spending expected to be more than double that, with 42% of all retail sales to involve a mobile device in some way or another.
  • Less than 3% of retailers believe their business is at the cutting-edge when it comes to being mobile ready and a further 70% said they did not currently offer a mobile website or a mobile app for consumers.
  • Sales made through apps now account for a third (33%) of all retail spend on mobiles, despite only 10% of retailers offering one.

FTSE 100 companies not prepared for Google algorithm change

Two thirds of FTSE 100 websites are not responsive, despite the upcoming Google algorithm update on April 21 which will impact the search ranking for sites not deemed to be mobile friendly.

The Search Agency has revealed that:

  • Although Google has established responsive design as the industry best practice, only 32 sites have responsive sites
  • 29 of the FTSE 100 have mobile dedicated sites, dropping from 42 last year
  • 39 companies in the FTSE 100 have no mobile friendly site, risking significant impact on their search ranking
  • When scoring the sites, none met all of the The Search Agency’s criteria. Tesco came the closest last year and this year, maintaining its top spot.

Websites that contain validated reviews convert 3.2 times more than those that don’t

Reevoo has recently published these findings on building consumer advocacy through user generated content:

  • One in five customers are now happy to leave a review online after making a purchase
  • Websites that contain validated review content convert 3.2 times more than those that don’t
  • Weekday purchases generate more positive feedback than items bought at the weekend

More than half the population says they no longer “surf the net” for content or products

A recent study conducted by Carat shows that 55% of people have stopped surfing the web for content and products and rely on only a few trusted sites.

According to the study consumers feel overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of choice on the internet and have therefore stopped surfing the web. They are now relying on a few trusted sites, among those, BBC, Amazon, Google, ITV and eBay are the most trusted ones.