Google Increases the Length of Snippets in the SERPS

Snippets longer

Google has decided that it’s about time that more space was provided to brands using snippets in the search engine results pages. The snippets are used to give information about what the page being linked to is all about. It’s very useful for the user as it helps them to work out if clicking on the link is likely to deliver the results their after. It’s valuable to the brand too as it is the ideal way of showing users how closely the page links to the search query they typed in. It’s a time to provide information and persuade the user to come on over by giving that organic link a click.

Sharing Meta Descriptions in Organic Search

Google has made a change to make these snippets more useful than ever before. On average, this means that the snippets will now be longer in the SERPs. Meaning there are more characters that can be used to get your message across to your ideal customers searching for businesses like yours. According to Search Engine Land, the length of the average snippet has increased from 160 to 230 characters.

What does this mean for businesses? It’s time to head on over to check the meta descriptions for your site and make a few changes/add some further information for the users in the SERPs. However, this might not be entirely necessary as Google will probably stick to pulling the extra content on your page. Checking your meta descriptions won’t hurt though, it might be a good excuse to ensure they are matching your digital marketing strategies and benefiting your campaigns.