Changes to Google Analytics and Adwords – Part One


On May 24, 2016, Google announced that they were making a few changes to AdWords and Analytics and that the main reason for this was mobile phones.  It is very clear that mobile is here and it’s no longer a goal to look to in the future, it’s here and it’s now and so Google are making changes to address this fact. So what are the changes?

Google Adwords has been redesign in order to help marketers reach their goals in this mobile orientated world.  The redesign will not cause too much concern as it’s not going to have an impact on how campaigns are structured or run, so the function remains the same. The data will be displayed differently, but the new design will be introduced over the next year or so, so there’s plenty of time for everyone to get to grips with the new outlay.

Text Ads are going to change thanks to the introduction of Expanded Text ads. The purpose of the new ad type is to allow more product information to be shared so users have more information before they click through.  The Expanded Text Ads will have:

  • 30 characters for the headline
  • A single 80 character description line
  • The domain automatically extracted from your URL

Responsive Display Ads are another new feature for paid search. The content will be adapted to ensure they fit the look and the feel of the site they’re displayed on without increasing the time you need to spend on design.

Bidding is changing as desktop and Tablet bids will be separate from one another, allowing you the opportunity to base your keyword bid on the device that is of most use to your business. Advertisers will also be allowed to set their bid base before they set bid adjustments depending on the device they decide to use.

Return on Friday when we’ll be taking a look at the changes being made to Google Analytics.