How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

organic traffic SEO

The most effective way of increasing traffic to your website via the search engines is to buy it. Pay Per Click campaigns bring quick results, but it’s not a good idea to rely solely on paid advertising. Organic traffic requires your time as the conversion rates are usually higher. Here are a few tips to help you increase organic traffic to your website.
1. Optimise your blog so the search engines can understand your content and place your links in front of the right users. Research the keywords that users type in to find your business and create content around these words. Ensure the content is original to your website, not full of spam and of interest to your visitors as well as SEO optimised. Use a combination of long tail and short keywords in the content, but never over stuff. The keywords should be placed in the meta description, subheadings and the heading for the content.
2. Keep your content coming. Create a regular publishing schedule and don’t miss a post if you can help it. However, you do need to make sure that the content you’re publishing does have a purpose and that you’re not simply publishing for publishing’s sake. Stay updated, keep the content relevant to your business and provide your readers with useful information.
3. Spend time building natural links back to your website. There are several ways you can do this: work on social media, incorporate guest posts into your digital marketing strategy and work with influencers are just three ways to try.
4. Optimise your website for the search engines by ensuring it’s fast and mobile friendly. Users don’t have the patience to wait for slow loading websites. They also hate websites that don’t look right or work correctly on their mobile device. Use a web developer to bring your website up to date and the search engines won’t punish you for being out dated. A couple of steps you can take right now are to optimise your images and reducing the amount of plugins you have on your site.
5. Claim your Google Places for Business so users are able to use Google to find you on the map with ease. Google Places is useful for attracting local business and offers you the chance to attract users with your chosen keywords, for free. Fill out every section, add images and encourage your customers to leave reviews on Google too.
These are five useful ways of increasing the amount of organic traffic you receive to your website. They make take longer to start showing the results compared with PPC, but it’s time well spent. Use PPC for instant results and work on your organic search engine optimisation for the long term results. We’re on hand to help you with your digital marketing campaigns, just give us a call on 01905 27007.