How to Create a Successful Sales Page

Increasing conversions for your sales pages requires a page that doesn’t bore people and gives them enough information to convince them to buy. There’s quite a lot of detail that’s needed to persuade a potential customer that buying is the right thing to do. All this needs to be achieved in written content that is interesting and educational. Sadly, many people will land on a sales page and then back out within a few seconds. To help improve the success of your sales pages you need to ensure it includes the following points.

  1. Identify the problem or problems that is being faced by the people who need your product. Show the reader you understand them and the issues they face so they know they have come to the right place for assistance. You get them, you hear them, and you have a solution.
  2. Highlight common faced problems that are experienced when using solutions that are not as good as yours. This is where you look at competing products and show where they fail.
  3. Introduce your product. Let the reader know what it is and what it’s for.
  4. Show the reader how it solves the problems they’re facing. Highlight everything that will provide a solution to the problems mentioned above.
  5. Provide evidence to show why your product is better than the other solutions that the customer may have tried before. This is your chance to show how and why your product is different.
  6. Provide reviews, endorsements, and testimonials to prove that what you have told them is true. Using your collected reviews is a great way of building faith in a product.
  7. Answer questions that are commonly asked by your customers.
  8. Several calls to action including ‘Buy’ and contact links for those who would prefer to speak to someone in person before committing.

What’s the Ideal Length for a Sales Page?

A sales page requires plenty of content and should be on average between 1000 and 2000 words, however, don’t be afraid to go up to 3000 words if there’s plenty to say. It should be easy to read and easy on the eye, so the reader is able to absorb the information quickly. Break up the content with headings, lists and bullet points as well as high-quality images. You can even include videos to provide further information or show the product in action.

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