Tips on How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram tips

Are you finding it hard to gain followers on Instagram? You’re not alone. Instagram has altered the news feed algorithm and many users have seen a significant fall in reach, response and growth as a result. Never fear, it’s not all worthless. There are a few things for you to be getting on with that will help to increase your followers.

Spread the Word of Your Instagram Account

Help to increase more followers by linking your Instagram with all your other social profiles. The first place to start is with Facebook, as most of your friends will already be on Instagram as it is. The linking process helps friends to discover you and they will follow you once you’re there.  Another way of working other social accounts in to share your incredible photos directly on your profiles via Instagram. By doing so, you’re showing people your amazing images and letting them know where else you’re active.

Hashtags are Essential

Don’t ignore hashtags as these are very important when using Instagram. The hashtags put images into categories, making it easier to find. They actually increase visibility of your image, making it easier for the right people to find your content. Make sure the hashtags are relevant, but there are also very popular hashtags that you can use. Find the most popular current hashtags by visiting websites such as

Be Active on Instagram

You can’t expect people to follow you if you’re not active within the community, besides uploading your images. Follow people, give them likes, comment, network the room. By interacting you will lead them over to your profile and you’ll hopefully receive a response in return. Take the time to find people that you genuinely want to follow and who will genuinely be interested in your profile.

Don’t Spam Your Audience

Spamming is unattractive, wherever you are. Instagram is the same, followers don’t want to feel like you’re trying too hard. Don’t annoy people with too many posts, avoid sharing images that are not relevant or relatable. Avoid overselling! No one likes a try hard.

Try these tips, create excellent images and use the filters that Instagram provides. Be consistent and interact with the community and your Instagram should grow as a result.