Twitter to Make it Easier to Talk to Your Customers

Twitter to Remove Links & Photos from Character Count

Twitter is working hard to come up with ways of increasing user growth and making their investors happy. It’s a popular social media network with its users, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the monthly active users that Facebook has, but it’s still the third most popular network and a useful tool for marketers and customers.

  • Facebook:  1.59 Billion (December, 2015)
  • Instagram: 400 million (September, 2015)
  • Twitter: 320 million (March, 2016)

One of the ways Twitter Inc. is working to attract more people is by changing the way the counts the characters in Tweets. Previously, Twitter included links and photos within the 140 characters that are permitted per Tweet.  Soon, the links and photos will not be included, giving users a lot more freedom to write the content they want, without being limited due to the inclusion of images or links. This is fantastic news for marketers who often have to tweak content in order to make it all fit.

Earlier this year, Twitter did consider eliminating the 140 character limit altogether, allowing users 10,000 characters instead. However, news of this change was not greeted positively as users like the compact messages that set the network apart from the competition. Users made it clear that they didn’t want to see large amounts of text on their feeds, feeling it would slow the site down and make it difficult to catch up on what’s happening.

Perhaps the proposed changes will work to appease the current users while allowing users to include media into each Tweet without cutting into the conversation.  Social media managers will delight in the news; do you think this is a good compromise?