Instagram Analytics Heading Your Way

Analytics Coming Soon

Good news for anyone who uses Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. Soon you’ll be able to learn a lot and use the information to your benefit thanks to the upcoming launch of detailed analytics. The data will share details on the followers, such as age, gender, geographic distribution and follower activity by the hour and so on. You’ll also be able to quickly discover the top posts over a specified period of time, which will be sorted by the number of impressions the posts received. The Insights (similar to the Facebook insights we’re all used to) are currently being tested but there’s no news yet on the release date.

Analytics are useful tools that can help marketers work out the best times to post based on their followers in order to achieve better engagement rates. It will also be possible to see who’s engaging with the content, what content gains the most engagements and impressions and which of the older posts are still gaining traction with your followers. There will no longer be the need to try and guess how successful the content being shared is and it will be easier to come up with campaigns that will resonate with the audience.

This news follows the Instagram algorithm that saw the platform do away with reverse chronological feeds.   The algorithm has had a cold reception with users, who love the order and do not want to see a personalised feed that is based on their behaviours on Instagram. The official announcement regarding the algorithm did state that they were listening to the response and taking many months to roll out the algorithm to make sure they get it right.

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