Copywriting for Mobile Devices

optimise copywriting for mobile

Designing a website to work on mobile is a must, but many businesses overlook copywriting for mobile. Reading on a mobile device is a lot different to reading on a desktop. The main reason for this is simply down to the smaller screen. People using their phones will need to do a lot of scrolling on websites and they will be using up their data for the pleasure too. The other difference is that mobile users can be visiting your website as they are on the move. They may be on a train, walking down the street, in the doctor’s office, anywhere with an internet connection whether it’s via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Copywriting for Mobile Tips

Here are some tips on how to create written content that will work for mobile visitors and desktop users alike.

The Audience Needs Your Attention

When optimising your content for any platform it’s important to write for your audience and not for SEO or the devices being used. Give your audience content that is of value to them. They should want to read your content, be able to understand what is on the page and know how you can help them further. Write content that your audience likes and/or needs.

Readable Content

Some mobile screen are tiny, making reading rather difficult. It’s important to use fonts that work on these small screens so the content can be read. Check the size of the content on different devices and pick one that can be read without zooming in. The content should also be broken up into small paragraphs, with subheadings and white space.

Short Sentences

Use short sentences in your paragraphs. This helps your audience to read and absorb the text. Long sentences can take up half the screen. Use transitional words within your text to help readers understand the flow and keep them engaged.

Copywriting for mobile isn’t that much different than writing for desktop. They can both be combined to keep your entire audience happy. Focus on readability and producing content the audience will enjoy for maximum success.

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