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Mobile First Index Roll Out Continues

Google is rolling out the new mobile first index to even more websites, as of now. The websites that are already following the best practices for the index are starting to be migrated to the index. If your website is all ready for the index you could receive a notification informing of the inclusion in the mobile first index via the Search Console.

What is the Mobile First Index?

The mobile first index regards how your website is crawled by the search engine. Google has only one index, but the index is going to be focused on the experience of mobile users. The desktop versions of websites can cause multiple problems for mobile users and significantly impact the experience for the user. With mobile first indexing, Google will be able to improve the experience by using the mobile version of the page on the site for indexing and ranking purposes.

Google Confirm the Move

The confirmation of the rollout has come from Google themselves. This is the very first time that Google has announced that they are moving a significant number of websites over to the new index. The new move follows the first announcement back in October 2017, when sites began to make the move but only in limited numbers. With the latest rollout marketers are now beginning to pay closer attention to the change and businesses are working harder to follow the best practices to get their websites included in the shift.

Website owners and webmasters will be notified that the website has been moved to the mobile first index, removing the need for constant monitoring. Google will send a message to the Google Search Console. The notification includes information regarding what might be experienced, such as a significant increased crawl rate from Smartphone Googlebot. Google will also show mobile versions of the website in the search results and cached pages.