SEO Trends – Are You Prepared for Mobile First Indexing?

mobile first indexing

Google has made several updates that have pushed businesses to focus on mobile for some time now. Mobilegeddon happened way back in 2015! We’re assuming that all businesses already know how important mobile is when it comes to selling online and digital marketing. If you haven’t yet we recommend you call us asap and we’ll help you with our web development services. There may also be a few extra steps you need to take to avoid taking on SEO damage when the new indexing system is launched.

Google teased mobile first indexing in November of last year. They announced that they had already started experimenting in order to make the search results more useful for users. No information has been given for the launch date as yet. However, it’s highly likely to arrive sometime during 2017. That means there are a few things for you to work on right now in order to prepare for the upcoming changes.

  1. Making sure your website has a mobile version (if not, we offer responsive web design)
  2. Avoid losing rankings by checking that all website pages and the content are present on the desktop and mobile websites. The creation of a responsive website is the easiest way to avoid losing rankings as a result of this issue.
  3. Providing the information Google needs to rank your mobile website using structured data.
  4. Considering future link building strategies to include the mobile website version.
  5. Optimising the speed of the website to ensure it’s fast enough, preferably aiming for loading times of no longer than 2 seconds. Speed times can be reduced by optimising images to the correct sizes, removing unnecessary coding, using browser caching and reducing the number of redirects on the website.

Learn More About Mobile First Indexing

Google is committed to improving search for mobile users and updating their ranking systems, which typically focus on desktop versions.  They are working to change this and have stated that mobile versions are going to become the primary source for algorithms that determine the rankings of the website pages. Click here to read more about mobile-first indexing.