4 Tips to Increase the SEO Value of Nofollow Links

nofollow links

We discussed the indirect SEO benefits of nofollow links in our last article. Today, we’re going to take a brief look at 4 ways to increase the SEO value of the nofollow links in your future campaigns.

  1. The anchor text that is used for nofollow links will be ignored completely by the search engines. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about using the right keywords or phrases in these links. You can give the influences and websites including your links free range on the text they wish to use for the link. Focus on using text that is likely to encourage the reader to click through to visit your website.
  2. Try and gain an audience of influencers. You want these influencers to share your links with their audiences, but you need to attract their attention first. You can do this by placing a link on a major platform that will pique their interest. Use the exposure well and your links could end up on many websites without having to life another finger. Choose content that is unique and different to anything else that is out there. You could provide an exclusive interview, cover an event or provide worthy materials such as courses, videos or challenges.
  3. Any mention of your brand can improve the ranking of your website in the search engine results. Brand mentions can increase the amount of people searching for your website. Don’t forget to promote your brand on any authoritative platform possible.
  4. Social media helps to increase brand awareness and visibility. Using social media can lead to additional links being shared by the audience, along with an increase in searches and the chance of sites linking to your content without adding the nofollow attribute. You can also use social media to discover and reach out to influencers to increase your reach naturally.


For further reading, we recommend heading over to Search Engine Land. We’re always ready to discuss working together with business and brands looking to improve the ranking of their website. Contact us and we’ll find a suitable time to put our heads together and find the right SEO solution for your business.