5 Ways to Update Your Business Blog

business blog SEOIf you run a business blog, you probably have a lot of content that may no longer be in line with your current brand voice. Perhaps you had different writers or you have modernised your business and the blog posts have been overlooked. The good news is you don’t have to rewrite the content. There are a few quick fixes you can apply that will make a difference.  Here are 5 you can apply to your blog posts, both old and new, today.

Rework the Title and Subheadings

Does the title appeal to readers? Does it make the purpose of the blog post obvious? You want the title to attract the attention of the reader and show what they will gain by clicking through and reading.  Go through all the titles, work a little magic and press publish.

Subheadings are the signposts that are useful for skim readers (basically everyone on the Internet).  Update or add subheadings for each new section of the blog post.

Make the Post Visually Appealing

Check the old images and remove any that are outdating. You can even add more images. More images give you more to add to pin boards and other social networks and help to break up the content.  You can even use images to add more information that is relevant to the content.

Include More Links

Add more links to other blog posts you have written that are related to the topic in the blog post. You can link within the actual post or include a Further Reading section at the end of the article.  You can also add links to off-site content providing it is relevant and of value to the reader. Perhaps you can use the opportunity to trade back links with other businesses.  Back links are useful for SEO and they help improve search engine rankings.  We also recommend checking any links that are currently in place and removing any that are broken.

Check the Formatting

Some older posts might fail to encourage readers to stay on the page due to the lack of white space. Increase the amount of white space by:

  • Using bullet points
  • Using short paragraphs
  • With subheadings
  • Adding more images

Update the Conclusion

Some of your older blog posts may fail to encourage further action by the reader. Updating the last few lines to include a clear CTA can make all the difference. Ask a question to encourage comments, provide further reading links to click through or direct readers to your social media profiles.

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