Get Help with Google Featured Snippets

google featured snippet help

Google has provided a useful resource designed to help us mere mortals get to grips with featured snippets. The detailed information is easy to read and understand and is freely available via the Google Blog.

The Google blog provides information that everyone will be able to comprehend. Google featured snippets are explained along with the different treatments and interfaces that are available. You’ll learn all about how the featured snippets are used within the search results on desktop, mobile and now even in voice search.

Interestingly, Google say that featured snippets are important for mobile search and voice assistant search. We have a helpful blog post offering advice on how to optimise featured snippets for voice search, click to read and pick up a few tips on how to move forward. Google mention that the snippets are an especially useful format for these types of search as the 10 blue links format is not as efficient in these instances.

You can expect to see regular listings alongside featured snippets in search. The reason for this is that the snippets are not going to become the only source of information that are available to users of the search engine. The snippets provide additional opportunities for providing information along with the other sources that are currently available.

Google Featured Snippets Are Not Perfect

Google admits that the featured snippets are not perfect at the moment. They realise that there may be cases of incorrect information along with spam problems and insensitive information. They are working with their voice quality raters guidelines and continue to take steps to ensure the quality of the results provided.

Read the blog post and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like help with your SEO and digital marketing strategy.