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Google My Business Agency Dashboard Arrives

Google My Business

Last month Google announced a new Google My Business dashboard was on its way. Said dashboard has now been launched as of June 5, it’s now live and ready for you to use, but what is it?

The Google My Business Agency Dashboard makes it easier for SEO’s and marketers to take control of their listings more efficiently. Multiple listings can be controlled from the single Agency Dashboard, improving productivity and saving time. To gain access to the dashboard you’re required to sign up by completing the form, here.  Once you have access there are a few features that will be available to you, including:

  1. All your locations are available to be managed in the single account.
  2. You’re no longer limited to 100 locations for each dashboard
  3. The ability to send and receive management invitations (and see the status of the invitations sent or received).
  4. Create location groups (these were the business account in the previous versions) to benefit location management. The location groups are where the SEO’s or marketers can request access or be invited to manage the listings.
  5. Set different permission levels for each individual and control access to locations groups with the new groups for users.
  6. Use the search function to quickly find locations in your account, or search for locations within your location groups.

The Freshly launched Agency Dashboard will make life a lot easier for SEO professionals in Worcestershire. Discover more about the benefits of having your listings managed by calling us on 01905 27007.