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What Are AdWords Notes?

AdWords notes has arrived after being announced at SMX West in March of this year. This new feature is only accessible via the brand-new AdWords experience. If you haven’t made the switch from the old to the new, we recommend that you do as the old UI is being removed fully very soon.

Google AdWords Notes Feature

The new notes make it easier to discover what’s happening in your account without having to go delving deep into your accounts. You can record changes and campaign launches or anything else you wish to in the note, directly on the new interface. All users that have access to the account will be able to see the note and the information can be quickly expanded on the page in the notes column right-hand side.

How to Use AdWords Notes

Clicking anywhere on a performance chart will allow you to make a note once you select the ‘Add Note’ option. The note window will open where you can write the note and check that you’re adding the note at the right point by checking the date, which you can change in this window. There’s plenty of space to write the note, which can be expanded in the column on the right if it’s long or if several notes need to be added.

Saving the note creates a grey box that is located below the chart. See the content of the note by clicking on the grey box and to see another notes or all notes that have been saved. If you select the ‘See all notes’ option a sidebar will open up. Here you have the options to filter the notes that are shown if you wish. You can also add more, edit and delete the notes.

Adwords notes is a handy feature that will make it easier to work with your SEO provider and in-house teams.