SEO Mistake – Focusing Solely on Google

SEO Mistake

Many businesses approach SEO with only Google in mind. Instead of focusing on all the viable search engines, they stick to focusing all their energies on Google and limit their possible results in the process.  Traffic generation isn’t only found on Google but not everyone uses it and there are certainly benefits to expanding strategies in order to generate traffic from other search engine sources.

There are alternative search engines to consider. You’ve probably heard about Bing, Yahoo, Safari perhaps? But what about DuckDuckGo? This is one of the fastest growing search engines that is being embraced by users for one very good reason, they don’t track you.  DuckDuckGo respect privacy users are flocking to the search engine to regain their lost privacy. This search engine only has one position on top for ads, which means those investing in advertising could see a great difference between the CTR when compared with Google, which has 4 ads on the top of their search engine results pages.

Focusing solely on Google’s algorithms is a very limited approach to SEO. It’s time to consider new tactics and adding more than one search engine is one tactic that’s worth exploring and experimenting with.  Social Media is a further option as these networks are more frequently being used as an alternative search engine, taking millions of users away from Google. Facebook sent more than 3.5million desktop users to other websites in January 2016. Twitch.TV is another outgoing traffic powerhouse as it’s the number one referral site in the world with over 385 million outgoing desktop visits.

This information shouldn’t make you give up using Google, but encourage you to look at building your strategies to include alternative traffic sources in order to solidify your SEO efforts.

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