SEO Trends in 2018 – A Few Predictions from the Experts

SEO Trends 2018

Econsultancy has published an excellent blog post about the SEO trends the experts are predicting for 2018. Let’s take a quick look at some of the juicy trends that you’ll want to be testing out for yourself and including in your digital marketing strategies for 2018.

Voice Search is Getting Louder

We’ve published several articles about the importance of working voice search into SEO strategies as this is an area of growth that’s becoming more and more valuable each day. Sophie Moule from Pi Datametrics appears to agree with us. Titling the move towards voice and away from keywords, ‘Voice-A-Geddon’ is highly likely to change SERPS dramatically. Brands need to be ready and advertisers ready to adapt to the change. Who is going to be impacted the worst?

Mike Jeffs from Branded3 also commented on the voice search trend, expecting to see Google Analytics adding metrics for voice commands in the near future.

Time Grice comments on Google centric UX, a faster mobile-friendly web that provides information, services and products without the need to leave Google. As voice search increases, links will become less powerful and the tide will turn towards mentions and sentiments.

In a similar vein, Andrew Gridwood is playing close attention to what he calls, ‘the war of the living room’. Personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home, VR and televisions connected to the Internet are all going to continue to be pushed into our living rooms. Who is going to win when it comes to the most popular tech brands in this area? Time will tell.

Private Data

David Smit from Branded 3 discusses the difficulties that will be a result of the GDPR (read our advice on preparing for the GDPR and get ready before it’s too late!). Agencies and clients sharing personally identifiable information will need to protect themselves and their clients and put processes in place to ensure full compliance.

Pop on over to Econsultancy for all the predicted trends and to touch on the above topics in more detail. Interested in creating powerful SEO strategies for 2018? Get in touch, we have multiple ways in which we can help.