Do You Know the Purpose of Your Blog Post?

Blog post goals

Many businesses now recognise the importance of blogging. Blog posts are useful for SEO, but they need to be produced correctly in order to fully benefit from them.  They need to include keywords and phrases, contain unique content and written directly for the desired audience. However, before you create any blog post it’s vital that you know what the end goal of each post you write is.

7 Goals to Aim For When Writing Blogs

There are lots of goals to aim for, each business and blog post is different, but here are some of the common goals that you may wish to consider.

  1. To answer a commonly asked question from your customers and provide a useful research from potential customers.
  2. To promote a service or a product you provide.
  3. To showcase your expertise on a topic and build up authority on the subject.
  4. To attract your desired audience to your website.
  5. To give your point of view on a subject or hot topic in your industry.
  6. To share important or interesting news or a trending topic in your industry.
  7. To create shareable content for your social media profiles.

Measure the Success of Your Blog Posts

Know your goal for the blog before you begin drafting the piece. Once you have the goal you can come up with a metric to use that will allow you to measure the success of the content.  The metric might be sales, visits to your website or a specific page of your website, social shares or clicks on links. Work out the goal for your blog and create a metric and then remember to measure the success of the blog and use the results to help you create future content and goals for the next posts you create.

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