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New UI Updates for Bing

Google AdWords isn’t the only search engine to update their user interface, Bing is following suit. Bing Ads has some updates to the UI, both designed to improve the user experience by making analysis and optimisation a lot easier.

Location Targeting

The first of the changes is an adjustment to the location target settings. The adjustments are seen in the brand-new Location option that’s situated in the Settings tab. Targets that are set across different campaigns will be shown in just the one place, rather than the user being required to run a geographic report and make any necessary changes at each individual campaign level. The changes will save time as all that’s required is clicking the ‘Set bid adjustment’ button on the Settings page to make any bulk changes.

Dimensions Reporting

The second change is focused on the Dimensions tab. Users will have more metrics available to improve their dimension reports. The metrics now include gender, geographic, ad spend, revenue, age, ad spend and gender. The changes made in the Dimensions tab also means it’s possible to add filters and adjust the columns that are shown in the reports. Additionally, those using Bing Shopping campaigns can segment the Dimensions tab report to show the Shopping dimensions and include product types, brand, store ID, item ID, and category.

Google AdWords is currently removing the old UI and replacing it permanently with the more up to date version. It’s time to get used to the new version as the old one will be gone forever before the end of the year. Read more about the Google AdWords UI changes, here. Do you need help with Bing Ads or Google AdWords? Get in touch today by calling 01905 27007 and ask about our pay per click services in Worcester.