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Short Term Christmas SEO Tips

SEO is a long-term commitment, but there are a few short-term changes you can make to benefit from holiday shoppers. Now is the time to start working on your Christmas SEO, ensuring your strategy is ready for the influx of shoppers who will be racing to start and complete their shopping for the holidays online. Short term wins are achievable, but you need to get going now. Here are a few tips that will help to bring in results.

Update Titles on Your Website

You may have great content that would work with holiday shoppers, but they might not come across it as they’re typing in terms that include Christmas. Now’s a great time to go through some of your old content and change the title and descriptions to capture the attention of holiday shoppers. Add Christmas 2018 but ensure it works well and the content delivers information that works.

For example, you may have an article sharing the best wines to serve with dinner. Change the title over to ‘The Best Wines to Serve with Christmas Dinner’ and it suddenly becomes relevant.  Update the description accordingly for maximum benefits. Play around with the titles and maximise the tools offered by Google Ads to test titles before committing. At the end of the season, you can change the titles to something that will achieve long-term gains.

Shoppers Aren’t Buying for Themselves

It’s important to remember that holiday shoppers often go to the Internet not knowing what they’re looking for. Most terms will be exploratory, they want help finding the right product for their family and friends. Make use of this type of shopper and target them with your featured snippets.

Featured snippets can land you right on the top of the search engine page, so this is a worthwhile task. Think about selecting the products that are best suited to pre-schoolers, students, dads, parents, dogs, teenagers and so on. A lot of people now use voice when shopping, so make your featured snippets conversational. Come up with phrases that would be spoken and not just written into a search bar.

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