5 Ways Social Media Helps SEO

There are lots of little tricks that you can do to compliment your SEO efforts. Today we’re going to show you five ways that social media can boost your rankings in the search engine result pages.

  1. Link building

Google cares about high quality links for their search rankings and you should too. Many businesses have damaged their SEO because they concentrated on building low quality and even fake links, a big no-no. Social media websites help you to achieve high quality links because they have excellent web authority themselves. You can jump on this band wagon by sharing links to your website in your social profiles and in the content you share.

  1. Shareable Content

Pinterest continues to be a popular website with users and marketers. The content on Pinterest is easily shareable but it also shows up in the search engines.  Take advantage of Pinterest by adding images to your content and pinning it on your boards, ensuring the boards are set to public and searchable, the same as all your other social media profiles.

  1. Go Local

Create a Google + business and listings page and put as much detail as you possible can. The new Google business listing is now basically your Google Maps listing – an absolute must. Google listings are mobile friendly, making it very easy for you to show up on the mobile devices of people on the roads outside your business. It’s a great way of attracting interest and increasing footfall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t localise your efforts on social media. If you care about being local then make sure you add your location to all of your profiles. Join in with local Twitter chats and use the chat hashtags while sharing your premium content.

  1. Use Your Keywords

You probably already know how important keywords are for SEO. You use them on your website, in your PPC ads, blog posts and so on, but do you use them in your social content too? Keywords play an important role in social media as they help to make your content on the various channels searchable, so your content shows up when users are hunting for those keywords. Use them in your updates, images and your social media ads.

  1. Natural Followings

You might have been tempted to buy likes, followers and subscribers on your social media channels. Sure, you might think it looks impressive to have thousands of fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter but high numbers alone mean nothing. Facebook and Google will penalise you, giving lower rankings in search if you’re found to have fake likes.  Social signals have weight in SEO. The search engines use them to find out how much you post to your various social media accounts, if visitors can share from your website and how your followers and fans interact with you.  Aim on building high quality followers by sharing good content that is of interest to them. Don’t over promote your own content and encourage interaction.

Social media has many benefits for marketers and boosting SEO is just one more reason to jump on board the social media train. Call us if you need help with social media and SEO.