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3 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

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Facebook comments are a fantastic way of increasing the exposure your business page receives on the social network. Organic visibility has dramatically reduced in recent years, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone entirely. It is still possible (just about) to achieve organic engagement and it’s vital as Facebook uses this as a quality signal for your page. If people are interacting with your content it is worth showing to others.  The question is, how can you start receiving organic responses to your business page when the organic reach is so poor?

How to Improve Facebook Engagement

  1. Ask questions, plenty of questions. People like to have their say, to share their experiences with others. Asking questions invites thought, gives people a moment to gather their ideas and leads them to share their responses on your posts. Try experimenting with the types of questions you ask and don’t be put off if you don’t receive any replies for a while. Work on creating quality questions and learn about your audience. Avoid asking political questions or questions that require research and lots of thinking. Stick to easy stuff that triggers an emotion.
  2. Ask for your audience to comment on your posts. Create updates with very simple ways to reply, such as using caption this post, multiple choice questions or fill in the blanks.
  3. Pay attention to your competition. Monitor their posts, see which ones receive the most attention and the type of comments they are getting. Check out how often they post and the type of posts that are being produced. Use your findings to learn from and grow your own business page.

Use your friends, share your posts on your own walls, get things moving. Don’t forget to interact with all the comments that are written on your business page. This is your opportunity to show appreciation and to begin improving the level of communication you have with your audience. Increasing organic reach on Facebook starts with just one comment, from there you can continue to grow. Ask us about our social media services in Worcestershire.