5 Emotional Marketing Techniques to Apply to Facebook Ads

5 Emotional Marketing Techniques

Using emotional content in advertising campaigns is a technique that is used by marketers to increase the response rates. Case studies have shown emotional content performs roughly twice as well as rational content. Therefore it’s a technique that is worth experimenting with.  How can you create adverts that will cause Facebook users to react emotionally? Here are 5 techniques for you to try in your campaigns.

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

No one likes to miss out on things, especially millennials. You can evoke the fear of missing out in your Facebook ads by:

  • Creating limited time offers to encourage people to sign up in a hurry
  • Show how many people have made use of your products/services already
  • Tempt people by giving them a glimpse into what your community already enjoy

Because I’m Happy

People love positive posts. They want to feel good and they often want their friends and loved ones to feel lifted and positive too. Create Facebook ads that will promote happy feelings and enjoy increased clicks, likes and shares as a result. Here are three ways to achieve happy Facebook ads:

  1. Use bright and happy colours that will attract attention
  2. Use happy images such as smiling faces
  3. Use positive and uplifting words

Give People Hope

Use excellent content that is inspirational and give Facebook users hope and the belief of a better future.  Think up positive slogans that fit in well with your brand and the promises you make to your customers. Show how you can improve lives, remove problems and help people get the best out of life.

The Time is Now

Create ads that require the users to make a decision on the spot. The more time people have to think the more time they have to decide not to follow through. Time limited offers make people feel like they will miss out unless they act now (FOMO as mentioned above). You can increase sales by using urgency in your content, giving set times and dates to act within.  Here are three ways to create urgency in your ads:

  1. Clearly state the date that the offer ends but remember that Facebook ads can take a day or two to appear in news feeds.
  2. Include the best deal in the image.
  3. Create an amazing deal that is too hard to resist and not found anywhere else.

One of Us

People love to belong to something. They want to be among their peers and social media is an excellent place to find a community.  Encourage users to join your community through your ads by:

  • Disclosing the size of your community and inviting people to come and join in
  • Share the names of influencers that are part of your community
  • Creating an exclusive invitation into your community

There are several ways of using emotion in marketing. Which emotions have you tapped into in order to achieve excellent results?