4 Ways to Create Successful Social Media Ads

Everyone is looking for ways to improve the success of their social media ads. Here are 4 ways to increase the number of leads from your ads using ad targeting.

Use Keywords

There’s little point spending time creating copy for your ads if you haven’t discovered what your target audience search for. It’s important to spend time researching keywords and then using the right words in the copy of your ads. You can research keywords searching for keywords using the Keyword Planner on Google AdWords. It does take time but it’s worthwhile as your ad campaigns will be built on the terms your audience are using.

Qualify LinkedIn Leads

LinkedIn provides you with an easy way to qualify leads. Simply reach out to prospects using their email address or phone number that are usually listed on personal profiles (but not all) or by sending a direct message on LinkedIn. Introduce yourself and work on building a connection so you’re able to establish if they qualify as a genuine lead or not.

Don’t Neglect Your Current Customers

Don’t put all your energy into finding new customers as current customers have value too. It costs less to retain customers than it does to acquire new ones. You can increase sales by targeting your past and current customers by uploading their email addresses into Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You’re able to target your ads towards your custom made audiences with ease.

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Find Similar Audiences

It’s possible to stretch your Facebook ad budget further by creating lookalike audiences based on your custom audiences. The lookalike audiences are used to find audiences very similar to your current customers based on their behaviours and all with a lower cost per click.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the success and failures of your ad campaigns. Social media platforms are forever changing so what worked a month ago may not work now. Use metrics such as: website visits as a result of referral traffic, conversions from traffic coming from social media and engagement on your posts directly on the social platform.

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