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5 Ways to Help You Get Verified on Instagram


Last week we showed you how to apply for verification on Instagram. Anyone can apply, providing you’re a global business, a public figure or a celebrity. However, just because everyone can apply doesn’t mean everyone will be successful. Here are a few steps to follow if you have your application denied or if you want to work on improving your Instagram profile before applying.

Let the World Know You’re on Instagram

Promoting your Instagram account across all your online channels will help the world to see which accounts belong to you.  That means you should have it on your website and other social profiles you have. A great way of including your Instagram on your website (in addition to direct link buttons) is to embed your images into your blog posts.  Sharing your Instagram profile on offline marketing materials too.

Social Branding Consistency

Make sure that your social media profiles are all named the same. You may have some difficulties here if your brand name has been taken. Consistency is important as it helps people to confirm that you are the genuine article and it also means your profiles are all likely to show up in the search engines. The imagery and colour themes should also be consistent across every profile you have. Consistency can be taken further by using the same Instagram filter on every image you share.

Complete Your Bio

Include links to your website on your bio, along with accurate and up to date information that fits in with your brand. Remove any other links to other social networks, Instagram don’t like this! However, you can include any links you have with other verified Instagram accounts, for example if you’re a writer for a verified brand you can include their handle in your bio.

Stick to the Rules

Ensure every post follows the terms of service and community guidelines. Follow the rules for a greater chance of being verified.

Use Instagram

Finally, make sure you’re posting on Instagram on a regular basis. Use it to reach your audience, share quality content and build a relationship with your community. Don’t neglect the tools Instagram offers, including stories and featured content.

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