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How Businesses Can Benefit from Social Media in 2019

Social media marketing seems to have gone a little stale for many businesses. It is too commonly being used as a platform for constant promotion when it should be used as a way of strengthening relationships with customers. Social media is rarely social when it comes to marketing and this is costing brands engagement and reach.

Over the last few years, more weight has been given to the number of Likes and Comments instead of what really matters, brand loyalty and customer experience. 2019 needs to be the change, social media needs to become social once more. A place for where your customers can come and find your voice, your vision, your brand. They need to know they can turn to your social profiles and find someone there ready to provide assistance, ready to listen, ready to share experiences.

How can businesses increase customer satisfaction with social media? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Stop robot replies, respond with a human voice and share updates that customers will connect with.
  • Use social media as a reliable channel for communication.
  • Use social media to share values with your customers.
  • Embrace local activities and issues, be proud and supportive of your home base.
  • Offer entertainment of value to your customer.
  • Don’t shy away from emotion connections.

For years we have been encouraging businesses to step away from the self-promotion only posts. This is so outdated and a quick trip to low engagement. Think harder about how to use social media in a way that will form solid bonds between the brand and the audience. Think about how you can make connections, ignite emotions and encourage loyalty. Make social lively, entertaining and interesting.

We’re on hand to assist with your social media marketing. Our services range from working with you to create marketing strategies, providing training to your team and helping share your messages and voice with our social media manager. Each service will free up your time, which can then be spent where it’s needed the most. Ask us about our social media marketing services in Worcestershire to find out more.